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Welcome to The Big Ideas Podcast

Exploring the perspectives, research, lived experiences, and hopeful aspirations of alumni and the university community. Together, we discuss trending and emerging topics and showcase MRU’s leadership in addressing local challenges. 



The Big Ideas Podcast

This 3-part podcast focuses on democracy and civic engagement and
topics including: changing voter demographics, polarization and, ultimately, how we move forward.

Hands-on democracy

Explore different ways to engage in the democratic process that goes beyond the ballot box.

What can we all agree on?

In a system designed to divide and pit us against one another, how do we engage in healthy conversations about politics?

Where do we go from here?

Consider how our understanding of civic engagement can shift toward a new era of thinking and experimenting.



Big Ideas Speakers

This podcast was produced by Student Podcast Producer Noel Ormita,
a third-year Bachelor of Communications Journalism student.



Big Ideas in Action

The views expressed by the host and speakers reflect their personal experiences and perspectives, and are not representative of Mount Royal University or the Office of Alumni Relations.

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