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Welcome to the Career & Leadership
Growth Group

A program for new Mount Royal alum from the Office of Alumni Relations

What is Design Thinking?

A design thinking approach is where problems are solved by building your way forward. It’s a process that includes great problem-finding and then prototyping your way into better and better solutions. In essence, building IS thinking.

Adapted with permission from Stanford Life Design Lab Creative Commons License  BY-NC-SA





Build your own Career & Leadership Growth Group Supply Kit

Optional but Recommended

- A notebook for your reflections and session notes
- Office supplies including pens, markers and sticky notes
- Snacks and beverages - stay energized and hydrated
- A laptop is preferred, but a tablet with a keyboard will work
- A strong internet connection to enable cameras on throughout the virtual workshops
- A relatively quiet space

If you’d like to come to campus, we can book a room for you at the Riddell Library and Learning Centre

If you need support or have questions, please contact Erin at